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Our relationships with our royalty interest owners are a priority.  Building and maintaining these relationships is an important part of Sheridan’s business.  Please take a moment to review the commonly asked questions below regarding check statements, ownership updates, and other royalty interest matters. Our goal is to maintain a high level of service to you, with professional, timely, and accurate communications.


Revenue Royalty

Relations Hotline


Joint Interest

Billing Inquiries



Relations Hotline






Mon-Thurs: 8am-5pm CST

Friday: 8am-12pm CST

Phone: 713.548.1005

Fax: 713.583.9641

Mailing Address

Sheridan Production

1360 Post Oak Blvd., 

Suite 2500

Houston, TX 77056

Check Questions


When are checks issued?

Sheridan's revenue checks are issued around the 25th of each month. If the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, checks are issued on the following business day. For security purposes, dollar amounts are not given out over the phone or via email.


How do I get my revenue check detail information?

Beginning with the May 2021 Revenue disbursement, Sheridan’s monthly Revenue Check detail is now sent to This fully integrated website can be used to retrieve your check detail.


To create an account, please visit  Click on the login tab and “Need a User ID?” and enter in all the options stated on the website.


Note that you will need your Owner Number, a Check Number, and related Check Amount handy.


How do I update my address?

Please download the Change of Address Form and provide immediately. The Change of Address Form can be sent via email, fax or mailed to our Land Administration Department.


Does Sheridan offer Direct Deposit?

Yes, Sheridan does offer EFT (electronic funds transfer) via ACH. Please complete the Direct Deposit Form to setup, change or cancel Direct Deposit enrollment.


Direct Deposit Form.pdf


Return the form, along with a void check, via mail to Sheridan Production Company, LLC, ATTN: Land Administration, 1360 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 2500, Houston Texas 77056 or email to


What is Sheridan's minimum check amount?

Checks are not issued until the royalty payment amount reaches a minimum of $100. However, once a year, checks are issued for royalty payments that amount to $10 or more.

How do I avoid backup withholding?

Please provide a completed W-9 Form if you do not want backup withholding taken out of your check. Federal law requires you to provide your social security or taxpayer identification number. Failure to comply will result in tax withholding in accordance with federal law, which is not refundable by Sheridan. In addition, some states withhold taxes (e.g., Oklahoma).

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